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Relax & let our fully customized massages release tension throughout your body. You & your therapist will decide which type of pressure/massage is right for you during each individual consultation. You many choose full body or focus on specific areas of need. We strive to make our massage a truly unique & special experience. 

If massage is something you wish to incorporate in your monthly self-care routine, we recommend scheduling out multiple appointments. As massage is our most popular service, times do fill up quickly. 

Aromatherapy is incorporated in each session, with a variety of essential oils to choose from.

Massage modalities



Trigger Point Therapy


At Morning Sun Massage & Spa, the session length you choose reflects hands-on minutes. For a one hour massage, you will receive a full 60 minutes of hands-on time.

(including Prenatal)

Half hour: $42
45 minutes: $59 
One hour: $78
75 minutes: $97
90 minutes: $117
Two hours: $156

Hot Stone & Heated Bamboo Stick Massage

One hour: $90
90 minutes: $135

Couples Massage

30 minutes: $105
One hour: $168
90 minutes: $252

Couples Massage

Share an experience of relaxation and recuperation with your partner, spouse, friend, or loved one. Couples massage comprises two tables and two massage therapists in a calm, peaceful room where you can both receive a personalized treatment simultaneously.


Couples Massage is typically arranged for two people to enjoy each other’s company, so talking is perfectly fine, or you may prefer to remain quiet. The choice is yours. Just like an individual massage, you may undress to your level of comfort, whether that be completely nude or in underwear. Either way, you will be covered at all times with a sheet and only the area being treated will be visible.

Booking a couples massage

Couples massages cannot be booked online; please contact us to schedule yours, either by phone at 319-853-1210 or by contacting us.

Couples Massage
Heated Bamboo

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage is wonderful for mothers-to-be and helps to relieve the mental and physical stress unique to the expectant mother. Morning Sun’s therapists are trained in a combination of special techniques for pregnant women. Pregnancy support cushions used during your massage protect you and the baby. Safe massages are possible through ALL stages of pregnancy, and can be performed in the position of the client’s choosing.

Please inform us of your pregnancy when booking your appointment.

Heated Bamboo Stick Massage

Bamboo fusion massage, sometimes referred to hot bamboo massage, is a fairly new type of massage therapy. The technique uses warm bamboo sticks for deep tissue massage work. This wonderful technique promotes a deep sense of well-being and delicious relaxation. Many clients report that the positive effects of the bamboo tools seem even longer lasting than deep tissue massage without the bamboo sticks.


Reiki is a safe, natural, and holistic healing technique discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan early in the 20th century. During a Reiki session, your therapist channels energy into your body via touch, activating your body’s own healing process and restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki can balance chakras and a person’s auric field. Studies have shown Reiki is effective in managing pain, anxiety, irregular heart rate, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol.

What to expect during a Reiki session

Morning Sun offers two options for your Reiki experience: you can integrate it with a physical massage, or have a stand-alone Reiki session.

If choosing a Reiki/Massage Combo, your therapist will incorporate Reiki healing techniques throughout your relaxing massage.

If you choose a straightforward Reiki session, you will either lie down or sit in a chair while fully clothed. Your Reiki practitioner will place their hands gently on your body, or just above the body. Your practitioner will change the position of their hands several times as the treatment progresses. You may feel warmth or coolness, tingling, or simply relaxed. 

Lymphatic Drainage

This relaxing detox gives your body’s inner cleansing system a boost.  Restore your innate ability to fight illness, while reducing inflammation and swelling. You will experience deep relaxation as the mind and body surrender to this wonderful therapy. 

(60 Minutes)  $90

Massage Contact
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