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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy 

Half hour: $42
45 minutes: $59 
One hour: $78
75 minutes: $97
90 minutes: $117
Two hours: $156

Trigger Point Therapy at Morning Sun Massage & Spa

Enhance your massage with our Trigger Point Therapy at Morning Sun Massage & Spa, designed to target and alleviate pain through direct pressure and release techniques. This therapy focuses on specific areas of tension and discomfort, known as trigger points, which can cause referred pain and muscular dysfunction.

Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy:

  • Focused Pain Relief: Directly targets localized areas of stiffness and chronic muscle pain, offering relief where it is most needed.

  • Improved Mobility: Helps in restoring movement and flexibility by breaking down adhesions and relaxing muscle knots.

  • Stress Reduction: Alleviates the stress and tension that often accompany chronic pain, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Enhanced Muscle Function: Regular sessions can improve muscle coordination and balance, reducing the risk of injury.

If you're experiencing localized pain or chronic muscle tension, consider letting your therapist know you’d like Trigger Point Therapy incorporated into your massage. It’s an excellent way to address specific areas of discomfort and enhance the therapeutic effects of your massage session.

Book your next appointment at Morning Sun Massage & Spa and discover the profound benefits of integrating Trigger Point Therapy into your treatment plan.

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